Indicative Species

May 29, 2012

Indicative Species

Did you know that Barn Owls are considered an indicative species? When you go to an area that has a lot of Barn Owls it’s a sign that that environment is doing well.
The Barn Owl is known for having one of the most silent flights and this is partly due to it’s fluffy feathers, however because of it’s fluffy feathers the raptor cannot fly as efficiently. It can’t put on a lot of extra weight to keep through the winter, it must constantly be on the hunt for prey like mice and lizards and other smaller animals. If there’s a healthy eco-sysytem then there will be plenty of prey and hence plenty of Barn Owls. What a crazy series of circumstances…

This was made with acrylic, clay, balsa, reclaimed wood, tin foil, spray paint and fiber.

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