Wedding Invites

August 9, 2012

Marvelous! It’s not everyday you get the honor of designing a dear friend’s wedding invites!  Here’s one that I did for Allison and Chase! All hand drawn fonts and such!

Here’s to many platinum years friends!

Check out Frog Island’s delicious Saison beer now available in stores!

Frog Island Saison Label

P.S. I did the label!  Rah!!! Rah!!!

Cain Marko EP cover!!!

January 29, 2011

Grand Rapids based awesome band Cain Marko’s at it again!  I had the fantastic opprotunity and distinct pleasure to design the cover for their newly recorded soon to be released ep  “At Sea”!

The ep officially drops tonight January 28, 2011 at the regal and illustrious Mulligans in Grand Rapids, Mi.  Check it!

And if you can’t make it out you can catch a sneak a peak at

Capitalism Killed Us Both

January 29, 2011

Tesla inspired skateboard piece.  If it wasn’t for capitalist J. P. Morgan being such a money crazed jerk Nikola Tesla would have successfully completed his experiments in harnessing and wirelessly transmitting free energy. Unfortunately, because you couldn’t make money off of people for freely transmitted energy, Morgan pulled funding just days before Tesla could run his first large scale experiment.   Later in his life, it was said that Tesla could be found in the park talking with pigeons.

I generally dislike pigeons.

R.I.P. Josh

January 29, 2011

The world will miss you colors brother.

Graphite and spray paint

New shirt design for Grand Rapids based punk band CAIN MARKO!

These guys are awesome!

scope ‘em out at

Bears drinking, what could be better?


Check em out on Sunday, December 26 at 5:30pm playing with Mustard Plug  at The Intersection in Grand Rapids!


November 16, 2010

Long time pal and “A/V Kids” collaborator Hunter Boyd is in a magical brand new band who go by the moniker Lawless Carver.  They are dropping a self titled ep which I had the pleasure to do the artwork and layout for!

I took all the photos used in these digital collages from trips to colorado, washington d.c. and the toledo zoo.

The Lawless Carver ep will be dropping at their show at Mr. Mike’s Lounge in Ypsilanti on friday the 19th of this month. Scope it out, it’s pretty fantastic.  

catch a sneak peak of their jams here!  ——–> LAWLESS CARVER