September 8th
at the River’s Edge Gallery

I have 2 big shows coming up.

The first is entitled Now and Not and will feature Jeremy Hansen, Amy Chenier, myself and the legendary Cass Corridor artist Jim Slack. Opening reception on september 8th at the River’s Edge Gallery.

I thought I would give everyone a little tease-a-roo with a step by step for one of the larger piece that I will be bringing to the show.

And the second show is one that I have the pleasure of curating entitled The After Show at the Con Artist Gallery in Grand Rapids, Mi opening on September 15th.  More info soon on that later.

Wedding Invites

August 9, 2012

Marvelous! It’s not everyday you get the honor of designing a dear friend’s wedding invites!  Here’s one that I did for Allison and Chase! All hand drawn fonts and such!

Here’s to many platinum years friends!


May 29, 2012


balsa, acrylic, card board, 1969 Camaro, fiber and clay

Take Something With

May 29, 2012

Take Something With You

This was a birthday surprise for a good friend, that was commissioned by another good friend.

These are the best kinds of commissions because they make a multiple number of people happy.   😉

Clay, spray paint, reclaimed wood, balsa, fiber and acrylic

Happy Birthday Hans, thanks Hunter!

Indicative Species

May 29, 2012

Indicative Species

Did you know that Barn Owls are considered an indicative species? When you go to an area that has a lot of Barn Owls it’s a sign that that environment is doing well.
The Barn Owl is known for having one of the most silent flights and this is partly due to it’s fluffy feathers, however because of it’s fluffy feathers the raptor cannot fly as efficiently. It can’t put on a lot of extra weight to keep through the winter, it must constantly be on the hunt for prey like mice and lizards and other smaller animals. If there’s a healthy eco-sysytem then there will be plenty of prey and hence plenty of Barn Owls. What a crazy series of circumstances…

This was made with acrylic, clay, balsa, reclaimed wood, tin foil, spray paint and fiber.

Hold All Calls

April 8, 2012

“Hold All Calls”
acrylic, fiber, spray paint, lighter fluid and fire, graphite, reclaimed wood and rubber

an appreciatively commissioned piece. thanks!